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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Mornings

If you haven't been able to join us at 11:30 on Sunday for lunch and small groups then please give it a try this week. Each Sunday we gather after the 10:00 worship service to hang out, eat food (sophomore girls small group is making lunch this week) and spend time doing some Bible Study.
If you and your family regularly attend the 8:30 service then I have a second option for you! At 10:00 there are two classes being offered that would be worth checking out with your parents. Last year a couple of high school students chose to go to a class with a parent and it was really rewarding. The two classes being offered this Fall are:
  • Adult Class – “Behold Your God” led by George Makari
  • Adult Class – “How Does God Call Us?” led by Doug & Linda Olsen
If you have any questions about opportunities on Sunday morning we'd love to hear them because we'd love for you to be a part of what is happening!

When Nature Calls is back!

Our first "When Nature Calls" will explode on us this Wednesday night (7:30-9:00)
Bring a friend or will be worth it!
PS - Have you turned in your LOG and SF stuff?

Monday, September 23, 2013


Part 1 - 6:30pm. San Francisco Mission Info Meeting. This is designed for parents and students
Part 2 - ONE Verse (a new youth group night) from 7:30-9:00

Monday, September 16, 2013


It's back and it is outstanding!
Take the best movie clips, add in some stupid Youtube moments, 
plus some Heather crazy and what do you get? 
Welcome Movie 2013!
Youth group kicks off this Wednesday with our annual Welcome Movie!
Bring a friend or 4
PS - The San Francisco Mission trip is starting to fill up so make sure you get your registration in!

Monday, September 9, 2013


This Wednesday  night (6:30-8:00) is our annual Summer Dessert.
We'll be looking back at all that God did this past summer as well as looking forward to all that is going to be happening this school year!
Here's what to expect at the dessert:
Hilarious opening skit from Mike and Jen? Check! (guaranteed laughter)
Non-low fat delicious ice cream wonderfulness? Check!
Panama video? Check!
Oasis video? Check!
2014 San Francisco Mission Trip Registration? Check!
2013 LOG Registration? Check!
Poinsettia fund raiser forms? Check!

This night is for the whole family and every one of your friends so make sure you invite everyone!

Wednesday, September 11
Harbor Covenant Church