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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Panama 2010 - Day 3

Our third day in Panama: This morning I woke up rolled out of my bunk and stumbled into the comon area to be greeted by the sun... and pancakes. A good night sleep and delicious breakfast was all we needed to get pumped up for the day ahead. As a group we were all excited to return to Corundu to play with the kids we had met yesterday and perform a few new skits, play more games, and help out the mission any way we could. That turned out to be a stellar performance of David and Goliath with Jordan playing the torso and head of Goliath on Brian's shoulders; Hunter and Chris hanging out with a group of boys flipping, running up walls, and singing rounds of "Ole, ole, ole, ole," while jumping in a huddle; and two groups working on painting and sanding in the unfinished portion of the building.

The second half of the day was very similar to the day before. We went back to the orphanage ready for anything. Each team performed their skit, we played some games, and got a tour of the facilites to really see where these kids live and what their experience there is like. It might be a step up for many of the children, but their desire for attention and love is still apparent on each of their faces. We made more of an effort to connect with the older kids and pulled them aside for a group discussion. Joelene shared her story and got to have a very special conversation with one of the girls coming from a very difficult home situation. You will all have to ask her more about that when we return because I was outside playing tag and chase. I was really moved to see John Branham playing with little Freddie all day even when he was tired and sweaty he just poured out the love of Christ on that boy all day.

We may have only been at that day camp and orphange for two days, but for the kids it was obvious that we had made an impact in their lives that week. As we pulled out into the street piled in the buses, kids waved, cried and chased the buses. As a staff member, I was so moved to really see how big the students hearts grew for these kids, and how willing they were to just be present and open even when the kids were sick and dirty, even if they were tired and hungry, and even with the language barrier.

Tonight we refueled with a wonderful meal of Paella to prepare for the six hour drive to Santa Catalina tomorrow morning. I know that as we leave this beautiful place and head to the coast, we will be taking many memories with us and leaving behind tears of both joy and sadness.

Today I am thankful for Purell, sneakers, Hunter's dance moves, John's patience, Ana's laughter, Patte's kindness, and Dillow's Zicam.
Please pray for the children in Corundu and at the orphanage, travel mercies for tomorrw, health for students caring for sick children, and for Sonrise ministries and their continued work here in Panama.

We miss our HCC family and look forward to sharing more great stories from Panama on our return.
Katie Wolff

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Panama 2010 - Day 2

Today our group had the chance to play with and get to know the children here. Our first location was a little daycare where we got to play, draw, act and eat lunch. Most of the kids her were 10 or under.One group prepared and acted out the story of Jesus calming the storm. Later on we actually got to expierience a Panamanian storm. As we were at our second location, an orphanage, a thunder and lightening storm hit. The storm was so cool to see and hear and the rain was refreshing compared to the humidity. Although the noise of the rain on the roof and the thunder made it difficult to talk to the group as a whole so we broke up and played various games like duck-duck-goose, and red light, green light. There was even a group teaching how to make friendship bracelets (however, most of them ended up being taught how to make more intricate ones by the kids). The kids at the orphanage ranged from 1-18 years old. Some of the kids in the orphanage had parents but due to various circumstances were unable to live with them. As a group we got to pray for them that they would be able to return home with their parents or be adopted into a good family when the time was right and once they had a chance to learn more about Jesus. One really cool thing was when one of the kids at the orphanage prayed for two fellow kids who were sick. It was great to hear him talking to God, even if there was a language barrier keeping us from understanding. One of my highlights was hanging out with one little girl named Alexandra.We weren't able to communicate with her too well but like with the other kids we ran around and gave her piggy back rides. However the funnest part was teaching her our names along with other english words like "Howdy Ashley," "High-Five," "Pinky Swear" and various others. I am so excited to be able to go back to both locations and hangout with the kids more!

-Ashley "Peach" Stakset

Monday, June 28, 2010

Panama 2010 Day 1


       *Whew*! After being awake for 20 hours, hopping on two flights and traveling half-way across the world, WE ARE HERE! And we are all alive and very well!
        Traveling today was amazing. We didn't hit very many road bumps (circling Houston airport for 20 mins due to a thunder storm and waiting through run-way traffic leaving Houston), and we all stayed together the entire time. During the take-off from our flights, we all raised our hands in the air (think like riding roller coaster) and cheered as soon as the plane left the ground!
         As for the rest of the trip, Jarrett and Aaron (one of the Sonrise guys) met us at the Panama Airport, took care of our luggage and had rides all set to go for us to take us to take us Casa Paraiso, where we are spending the next three days. You may have seen the video of this place, it's here on the website on the right. BUT. They have done HUGE huge remodels on this place. We came expecting a run down, ricketing building, unsure of showers and water and beds. And I'm sitting here at the kicthen, with couches, fresh wood floors, stable bunk beds, and clean showers, ready to go for us!
         God is already doing so much in our group. Through the laughter, fun, and adventures we had today... I know God is here with us.

         Tomorrow we head out to serve at a local school, working with the kids there, and then we spend our afternoon with different kids in a local orphanage. We will definitely have more stories to share tomorrow evening!

        Here are some pictures from our travels today. Love and hugs to you all back home! :o)

              In His Love,


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Adventure Begins! Panama Mission Trip 2010

Dear Parents, Friends, and Family,

        After 9 months of preparation, training, and fund raising, our two-week trip to Panama has finally arrived! I, personally, cannot believe this trip has finally come. It has really been amazing to see our team grow together in the past 9 months in preparing for this trip....

       Through team bonding activities:
      (click on pictures to enlarge photo)


  To thank-you letter writing: 

And even mouse-trapping!....
(No students were seriously harmed during this activity)

Our team has come a long way together, and I am SO EXCITED to see what God has in store for us in the next two weeks.

During our trip, we will be posting stories and pictures here on the HCC High School Ministry website. As long as our internet access allows us, we will have a fresh update each day. 

One of the things I love about doing Youth Ministry is being able to see the powerful ways God moves in the lives of all those involved in the Youth Group, teens and adults alike. And I am genuinely excited to see how God is not only going to change MY life, but the lives of our team and of the people who we meet in Panama!

Please be praying for us as we head out bright and early tomorrow morning. (3:45 am, woo hoo!) 

Panama Team, prepare to experience life to the full!

"I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of." John 10:10

 In God's Love,

 - Heather

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Update 6/21/10


Wednesday - NO youth group! Our next meeting will be "Super Big Lunch" on July 13th! Stay tuned for for information

Sunday - Summer Worship schedule starts! 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. The 5:00 pm service will be followed by a church BBQ! Woo hoo!

            REMEMBER: Your packed bags are due at church this Thursday at 10:00am! If you were not here for the student/parent meeting, our flight info is posted here in the High School website, or you can grab a physical copy at church.
                  - IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT ANYTHING regarding thr trip, please call Mike or Heather at church.
                  We will be bloggin during our trip! Be sure to tune in to the high school website to follow our travels while we are in Panama!

FORGETTABLE FACT: Luciano Pavarotti received 165 curtain calls on February 24, 1988, after singing in Donizetti’s L’elisir d’amore in Berlin.

PARTING SHOT: What's the difference between chopped beef and pea soup? Everyone can chop beef, but not everyone can pea soup!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Panama Travel Info

Thank you all for coming to the Panama student/parent meeting last night! What a way to gather together and get EXCITED for the trip!

If you have not watched this video about Panama and where we will be going, CHECK this out!

If you were unable to make the meeting last night , here is the IMPORTANT traveling info you need to know:
- How we are getting there:

o Airplane info

 Flying Seatac to Houston

• Continental Flight # 1846 leaves 7:00am

 Flying Houston to Panama City

• Flight # 888 leaves 3:05 pm arrives in Panama City 7:10pm

 Flying Panama City to Houston

• Flight # 876 leaves 1:55pm arrives Houston 6:02

 Flying Houston to Seatac

• Flight # 1888 leaves 7:00pm arrives Seatac 9:36pm

* Times You Need to Know About Within the Next Week:

          - If you have not started your typhoid pills yet, DO SO.

- Thursday June 24th
            -10:00am your packed BAGS are DUE at church

              o Duffels Only!

              o Pick up your duffle at church on Sunday June 20th in the youth pod

              o MUST be 50 lbs or less

                               REMEMBER: leave room for items purchased in Panama!
- Sunday June 27th 5:00pm Commissioning Service

                   o – GO TO SLEEP EARLY. Start the trip off on a good note. 10:00pm
- Monday June 28th

- Arrive at HCC at 3:45 AM.

-We are LEAVING, yes, LEAVING by 4:00

- Bring your carry-on bag + Student Devotional + your passport!

- Saturday July 10th

             o Arrive at HCC at 11:00 pm (approx.)

             o If travel plans change, you will be contacted

* Communication During the Trip

- Students will not have cell phones – Adults Will

- “No news is good news”

                 - If you are NOT contacted, no emergency has happened!

- For Emergencies:

- We will have a list of everyone’s phone numbers with us at all times in case we need to get a hold of you.

- Mike will have a “go” phone

- If YOU need to contact US

                - Contact Harbor Covenant first – (253) – 851 – 8450

                - They will then call us

                - We will also be checking in with church often

- In case of BIG emergencies during the night: (example: death in the family)

                - Contact Jill Branham (253) – 377 – 4489

                - If Jill is unavailable, contact Jen Stelle (253) – 241 - 6359
* Just so you know…

- We have a doctor going on the trip

- Greg Rurik

- He will handle medications

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Update 6/14/10


We are now on our summer youth group schedule! Be checking our Facebook group and this website regularly for when our BBQ's, movie nights, and random gatherings will be!

Wednesday - Panama Student/Parent Meeting! Come to hear our travels plans, have questions answered, and to receive your Panama Duffle Bags! 7:00 - 8:00pm in room 101

Saturday - Panama House Painting project - If you are going to Panama, meet at church at 7:30 to help paint a house together! We will be painting until about 4:00pm, but earn a couple thousand dollars for our trip!!

                 - Aytunc's Going Away Party - 5:30 at the Amrine's. Come show your love and friendship to Aytunc! 

Sunday - 8:30 and 11:00 services! Summer worship times will start up next Sunday the 27th.


             - Saturday June 26th Angela Mills is having a garage sale to help us raise funds for our trip! If you would like to help her, please let Heather or Mike know ASAP!

             - The Packing List is now available at church. Pick one up today or at the Student/Parent meeting on Wednesday.

FORGETTABLE FACT: 99% of people cannot lick their elbow.

PARTING SHOT: What bird can lift the most?  A crane. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Update 6/7/10


Wednesday -  "Junebalation!" 6:00-8:00 pm! Come for our end of the year youth group celebration! Dinner WILL BE provided.

Sunday - LAST 9:59 of the the school year! 9:59 in the youth pod.

         If you are going to Panama, we are leaving in 3 WEEKS! Make sure you have your shots up to date! Also, we are having a meeting this Sunday, 6/13, to write thank you letters to our envelope sponsors. That's 8:30 AM at church!

FORGETTABLE FACT: In Kentucky, it is illegal to carry icecream in your back pocket.

PARTING SHOT:  Why is it that when you transport something by car it's called ship-ment, but when you transport something by ship it's called car-go?